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  • Driver shaft length

    I have puchased a Titleist 910 D2 driver. Love it but have to go back and get the shaft shorten. 46" right now and going to try and inch at a time and see if i get better results for hitting more fairways. I'm not working about losing distance I think I will do ok. My question is does anyone know what the avg. driver length is on tour.

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    Re: Driver shaft length

    Funny you should say that, I've talked to a few people lately who are going that way.I was going to do similar until I played with a bloke yesterday. He showed me his latest driver and this is a bloke who will only change his club every 10yrs. He is 65, and had spent 39yrs shearing sheep,an incredible tax on the back, started playing golf at 50. He has had 2 rebuilds on his left knee and it still looks like a balloon.1 rebuild on the right,except for the massive scarring looks sort of ok., back surgery and chemo. A real outback character. He just bought one of those sooooo long drivers. It has a senior flex shaft and the "off the shelf" length of the club is 50"! He parks the buggy close as he can, kind of waddles over,tees up and blasts it 20 meters past my R9 (very respectable) drive! And straight up the middle all day! He is not a tall man, somewhat overweight, and of course no foot work and zero accepted technique. Now I don't know what the hell to do.