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  • About the right arm

    Looking for some help with using the right hand/arm during the downswing.

    Are there any good pictured videos of this,what I mostly like to know is how on earth did Hogan get his arms into this position>>>

    Picture number 2,it looks to me in order to get the club into that position Hogan would have to pull down with his right arm/hand and not just drop. or is there another way of getting the club into that position and how can one recreate it.

    Picture number 3 is what I hope to achive if i cannot emulate hogan how can i get into that position,my video shows me club almost parralel at there position,sorry i cannot send it in i do not have it.

    Any input greatly appreciated,incidently anyone know what happened to the video drills that were once here.

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    Re: About the right arm

    If you read that guys description of the problem with Hogan's swing, he struggles with the idea of moving the hips first toward the target. Its always about interpretation. What Hogan does and says is sometimes missunderstood. This drill is what Hogan does. Rotating the hips is what creates the position you want. There is slight lateral movement, but for balance of the abount of mass that is about to be thrown forward toward the target (the mass of the arms and club going 80 mph or so).

    If you look at the difference from Hogan's impact and this guy, there is a huge difference. Hogan has already cleared his hips. This guy is right back to square 1, so all his power came from his arms...The reason why he struggles with this concept of rotating first.

    Try my Impact Drill this will help.


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      Re: About the right arm

      Thank you for the feed back Greg,this drill should definetly help once I re-learn whats best for starting my downswing.

      I am getting really tired of either trying to be a twisted contortionist or keeping the swing so simple and basic,both ways have good short term results but long term I suffer badly.

      If I visit the driving range i can groove my swing,however on the golf course with no or little practice before hand I look a fool due to not making up my mind if I am agressive OR not.

      I know what i am supposed to do from the top but just seem unable to control it,I once seen a video drill here I think you yourself made it greg called hit it with the right hand.where did the clips go

      I now firmly believe that the right hand should take more control on the downswing,I am tired of trying to get consistency from either just my left of both hands.

      I want to learn it all again but just from using my right hand,to put it simply I have nothing to loose I cannot continue with the frustrations of playing brilliant(for my standards)and playing absolute **** the next day.

      I think I read to much confliting information which really does me no favours,some say all the powers created threw the waist,while other are adamint that it is in the arms.

      Should the arms drop by gravity or pulled down with force the waist I have tried but I feel the waist can only lead the arms and not power them.

      At my wits end but i will struggle onwards I think everyone at onetime in there life reach a stage like this.

      What makes it worse 2 golf freinds of mine on contrast,1 of them plays about 6 times a year and never ever preactices,he fires his irons with accuracy and distance and plays from 11.

      The other is kack handed has a weird stance and must swing over 100+ on every shot i kid you not,and although sometimes a little eratic hes a great golfer when on form.

      Now me I read every little thing that is free,practice 6 times a week and make no progress ARG
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        Re: About the right arm

        Did you try the training method I mentioned in the related post? It should help you really feel the position you need to be in. The difficulty is trying to control the swing under extreme power; when people first swing correctly it's difficult for them to keep the tempo. Just keep plugging away and you'll get it in the end ... even I did



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          Re: About the right arm

          Sorry pgmetcalf I did look at your post with interest and meant to try it out but I had a long list of must do dont do"s and it slipped me past.

          The drill you explain is along the lines of what I am hoping to achieve in the long run,I know for a fact my body is not coming back fast enough to get me into the position Greg speaks of at impact,I can understand a lot of what your saying but i fail to understand the bit about the shoulder droping way down inside.

          Unless I am mistaking what your saying I can only see the left shoulder raising by droping of the right shoulder,I did a lot of reading on the shoulders and as far as i ever read they should only turn 90D then back straight then threw 90D with the spine angle never having changed.

          Please go into more detail there is a magic momment up there I know this as I felt it but cannot recreate,the momment occurs when I pause for a split sec then get a feeling for the club head,I know even before I start the downswing its going to be good,unfortunetly when i deliberatly try to feel for the club head I cant recreate the feeling there must be something else happening up there that I strive to find and you may have the answer

          Went to the driving range with various things to try this evening and had very little luck with anything,I had visualised what i wanted to do on the downswing and practiced in garden and it felt magic,but the range does not lie and I had a whole load of horrible shots.

          started to get consistent after about 50 balls and only having 1 thought in my head which was a tip i read,the tip was to forget the backswing totally and over exagerate the threw swing guess what it worked a charm apart from the odd hook which i expected golf amazing isnt it..
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            Re: About the right arm

            When I first started playing it was the hardest thing to do. Once you're into the position it's just free-flow and trying to swing in rythem takes time to learn ... most people's tendancy is to try and knock the skin off the ball. Try and feel the club falling to the ground instead of around the body. I've heard it said that if you raise your arms and then let them naturally drop to your sides, this is as fast as the golf swing EVER needs to be.

            Golfbald calls it the Z position, some "clearing the hips" whatever it's called, it's the same position. Getting into the position is tricky but most people agree that it starts in the legs or lower body. Golfbald says raise the right heel, I may do this, but I feel as though the right knee kicks in and around to the target. This is done at the top of the swing before the backswing is complete (before you stop swing backwards.) The legs pull on the hips, which pull the torso, which pull the shoulders, which pull the arms, which pull the hands, which pull the club.

            Have a look at the the great Lee Trevino's swing on the site below ... Of course he's not as young and flexible as he was, but he still has the low right arm action. Also check the angle of his spine throughout the swing - it's the same ... only after the club passes the head does the spine straighten a little, this should only be a reaction.




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              Re: About the right arm

              raise the right heel, I may do this, but I feel as though the right knee kicks in and around to the target. This is done at the top of the swing before the backswing is complete (before you stop swing backwards.)
              I have tried to do something like this but not certain how you can pull it off,since the book says you have to try and put 70% of your weight onto the inner right foot on the backswing at what part on the backswing can you raise the right foot and still maintain balance and proper weight.

              I do feel comfortable lifting the right heel but only with my drives and it is certainly not during the backswing,any ideas how to lift the right heel correctly is it a thought or is there a drill to make it natural.

              Today i filmed my swing with the driver then 7 iron,was actually very happy with what I seen although my head moves a little to much right and also my right knee but again only slight,are these ok I seen sergio gracias head move about the same as mine during the backswing.

              another thing i noticed was just how slow my swing looks on film,I was fairly sure i had a very fast swing but it looks sooooo sloooooooow.

              I hope to get the video posted soon once i get some cable.


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                Re: About the right arm

                Maybe you weight is a little towards your heels at address. While this feels steady it is counter productive - it makes it difficult to transfer your weight.

                Keep the legs straight (lock the knees,) bend from the hips (this brings the weight onto the balls of your feet, ) then just relax the knees (not bend them) you should feel tall and springy.

                The tricky bit is trying to initiate the weight tranference into the down swing. How this is done may differ from person to person. If you're really struggling try sliding your left knee a little towards the target at the top of the backswing. Don't move the whole body to the left, just the knee, remember the golf swing is a continuous turn not a lateral sway.



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                  Re: About the right arm

                  It may be helpful to you and all who see this page to visit and go to tuition series 1 by Leslie King,who is very authorarative and highly respected(although now deceased).This will help clear up any confusion arising from so many different teaching methods employed today which is annoying to say the least.All sports have basic fundamentals which must be adhered to in order to be consistent,i used to be a very good snooker player because i studied these fundamentals and put them into practice,it takes time but one of the biggest keys to any game involving a ball is to be relaxed in order to consistently hit good ones and not , as we all do or have done,try and thump it.Hope this helps,Mark.


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                    Re: About the right arm

                    I really like your explanantion of this pgmetcalf especially the left knee kicking into the target from the top of the downswing,usually I try from the hips but i find this cumbersome and also the timing hard to get right.

                    It felt really good in practice I hope it works as good as it feels

                    Something else I noticed yesterday at the driving range,my long irons and driver were slicing(push slice)weak while the short irons were exellent although I was only using the 3 quarter swing the short irons.

                    I got so fed up I started to allow the left hand to hing exactly the same way the right hand does and not up and down as it should in a handshake,so both hands were swatting and I expected the shots to be weak but was actually impresed not only with distance but accuracy also..

                    I tried to allow the wrists to hinge the same way(swat)with short irons but it just did not work and the proper wrist break only worked with them.

                    Any ideas about my swing to why the above is happening and would it be ok to continue with using both wrists like this is the results were good in long term.
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