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Components of the golf swing

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  • Components of the golf swing

    There are many components of the golf swing. What I am wondering is what you all might think are the top three to get that ball down the center of the fairway. Me I think grip, aligment and clearing the hips.

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      Re: Components of the golf swing

      Here are some basic parts needed in the golf swing..
      1. Overview.
      That is most important step.The golf swing determines how you hit the ball and, from that, where the football goes. There are five essential parts to the traditional move that must be mastered to hit the football toward the target.
      2. Address
      In general, comfort is one of the most important factors at address. If you're off balance or uncomfortable, that's going to impact your swing and ball striking. You want your feet shoulder-width apart, weight spread evenly between your legs. The head of the club should be square behind the ball. The knees should be slightly bent, waist and shoulders straight across. Your arms should fall naturally down to the club.
      3. The Back swing
      It should be clear thing that the ball goes to ground you have to create a good swing plane with it. For this you have to control the body weight.
      4. The Downswing
      make sure that the shaft of the club stays on the plane you developed in the backswing.
      5. Impact
      Before the point of impact, your weight should be transferred to your lead leg and your wrist should break, powering the club head through the ball
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