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    Do not,Jerseys from china, know how many times already, Zidane felt their requirements is not some too high, this test completely given under light brain of Li Yu physical data, combined with their own precise analysis of the set, and some excessive pursuit perfect, his mind has always believed that this physical fitness, and only through this test, considered Li Yu success of his body all the ability to play.

    Zidane seems, Li can pitch a humanoid bomb Fengyun bomb detonated line is always abnormal short circuit, broke out only a small chance of.

    Not so much these items Gifted before the test has already begun, in fact, ever since Li Yu came in Gifted short-circuit problem solving of their own body, let Li Yu, the rest of the technical details and to get rid of the extraordinary, is not too important.

    "Well done, 35.31 seconds! Your achievements through this time than last time and 0.54 seconds and enhance every 0.5 seconds, from now on, you and I would have called you a combat tips. There are 40 minutes of your time, you have to fight before the end of a learning opportunity. "Zidane holding a stopwatch has been concerned about the test of Li Yu, now basically stable in this interval, there will not be too big The changes observed at the foot of the ability to Li Yu now has not much improved, Zidane timely modify the rules, he wants to reward on-demand look Li Yu, he was able to complete the 30-second test.

    Hear these words, Li Yu more hard, and the ball speed and a little higher, but he found that his faster is not fake, Cheap Nike jerseys ,but no one can successfully complete, the summed highest speed really can not be coupled with But the problem came out, the acceleration time will not be able to achieve a breakthrough, we going to think about other aspects of the way, the idea came suddenly, Li Yu decided to try next over piles suddenly thought of ways.

    "1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 18 ... 19 ..." Li Yu once again start over piles has been in my heart and silently count, have one last pile, but only Lee Jade did not like the past, change the ball through the pile, but homeopathy is a lightweight pull the ball, turned to the pile as a defensive backs in a combat, according to his center of gravity of the axis of the body, an action put its own center of gravity to the face the direction of the goal, just in the safe range had lost the last pile.

    Just completed immediately hear the applause of Zidane, to combat the skills to pile completely beyond Zidane expectations, Elilte nfl jerseys, simple pull the ball now turned to action, Li Yu save nearly one second of time, Zidane also found that Li Yu also make this action only in the last movement, let him pull the ball in the middle of the pile continuous turn, will be beyond the specified range.

    "34.68! Well, a final action for you to win by 0.63 seconds, now there are less than 20 minutes, you would not have done pile test, the rest of the time I call you in a combat more practical tips! "Zidane look kindly smile, finally honored a previous commitment to prepare the rest of the time, the person demonstration Professor Li Yu skills.

    "Sir, great! Could you learn some tips really great!" Li Yu pleased incoherent, completely forgotten and virtual characters in dialogue, light brain function is really amazing, so Li Yu thought he was completely and truly Zidane in the Gifted, no false sense of an out.

    "The ball to me, I'll show you the tips I have summed up in the game!" Zidane finished, a jersey, Cheap nfl jerseys ,received the ball to begin the ball over the pile, the speed may not Li's fast , but the ball like obedient children, shuttling back and forth between his legs, each pile is so simple and easy, and the impression is lightweight, not a little focus on the feeling, so natural and casual.

    Li Yu has been observed with the foot of the action of Zidane, found that over the pile like myself that need a large number of emergency stop, accelerate the change of direction, but in need over piles, you need to go to the left direction, simply right foot a knock, the left foot homeopathic a collar, go to the left of the center of gravity and the ball on, without any slowdown in this process, if you want to bring to the right, too.

    Action understatement, but very practical, alone deliberately make two such actions, are Li Yu ourselves can do, but like Zidane, for it is not any mistake made 20, so need a sense of how horrible the ball ah!

    Zinedine Zidane gave Li Yu to open a small window, before Li Yu more time in the game, cheap nhl jerseys wholesale,using their own body in raw opponent, use their instincts to do the movements, did not pay attention to other more technical details, and some of his actions is unreasonable, but absolutely strong physical condition support, or can barely cope now League opponents.
    arginP�tmxR� t o-para-margin-left:0cm'>Li Yu back to the locker room, nhl jerseys china, looking at the eyes of other people asking Bojinov said, "You have long known, that kid and my competition skills?"

    "Oh, I say how, must be the subject to money, Greig Jeny you do not run, you just bet 100 euros! Bojinov heard that right away cheerfully ready to receive money.