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Golfer’s APP… What do you think?

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  • Golfer’s APP… What do you think?

    Hey guys, I have started creating a Golfer’s App (not a game) for mobile devices and just wanted to see what you all think?

    It’s designed to let any user read or post reviews about:
    • Golf Courses and Driving Ranges
    • Stores
    • Golfing Equipment, and
    • Tournaments

    You will be able to “tag” the golf course / store location etc. you are at and then give it a rating (i.e. 5 stars), write a review and also if it is a course you can give it a difficulty rating so others know how hard the course is.

    I have also put a map function in where you can see all the courses, golf stores etc. close to your location then you just click on the pin and it will show you the overall rating, latest reviews etc.

    I’m currently trying to incorporate a function where you can add your own event, say when and where the event will happen and allow for contact information to be added for other people to see then they can register for the event. So you could set up a game with people of similar handicap or form a group to go to a tournament to spectate together…

    Well, the App is being designed for you guys so any advice and ideas for improvement or additional features would be greatly appreciated and hopefully I can get it up and running soon!!