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-2 after 1o holes GUTTED

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    Re: -2 after 1o holes GUTTED

    Not strange at all. You said it yourself, you looked ahead at what you wanted your score to be and it took you out of the great moment yer were in.

    You will learn from this. Never look ahead or back. Keep that focus on the here and now and you will keep it together better.


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      Re: -2 after 1o holes GUTTED

      Greg, your advice and insight is always on the money and very helpful. thanks.

      my round today supports what you say to rick. Started off even after four holes,( i shoot mid to high eighties usually, rarely am over 90.) and started thinking about a good round. Teed off on the fifth into the woods, let my mind go off on what this might do to the round and proceeded to triple bogey that par 5. uggh. kept my mind on what that does to the front nine score and proceeded to to butcher the rest of the nine and finish at 45.
      But the back nine was Greg's advice in motion. Played each shot as an opportunity and after hitting it well or hitting it poorly moved on to the next.
      Like on one of the par 5's i chunked my way down the fairway and was still 10 yds off after four but the possible score never entered my mind. Focused on a good chip, hit it right where i wanted and it rolled about like i expected and had a three footer that made bogey. keeping focused on each shot at hand made a much better score than the poor mindset on the front nine.
      Honestly hadnt a clue what i shot on the back til i added them up, suprised myself with a forty!

      "Never look ahead or back. Keep that focus on the here and now and you will keep it together better."
      excellent advice Greg

      BTW took the discussion re: number of putts per round to heart and kept track- had 28 - which while good and gives me confidence in my chipping, also lets me know i need to get on or around the greens sooner as that leaves 57 shots to account for.
      thanks again all, really enjoy the discussions and suggestions from all.