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  • Mystery putter

    Hi all,I bought an old brass putter for $4 at a junk shop and cannot identify it. Maybe someone can. It is the classic turned up heel and toe type with a tapered shaft and the only clue is on the bottom where it says BRASS 820. I have re gripped it and there were no clues there. The only BRASS 820 I can find is a town in Georgia known for brass production and it's 820ft above sea level. Anybody ?

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    Re: Mystery putter


    Does it work for you?
    Is it being put into play?

    If the 2 answers are yes - what does it matter what it is.
    If the answers are no - chuck it in the bin [ $4 + a grip is no great loss.]


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      Re: Mystery putter

      It is sweet to play which is strange because the only putter I have used since the beginning is a highly modified off set blade. More details. I can't post a pic,so detail is the diameter of the shaft,it is really small. I wish I had measured it when i had the chance. A standard grip flopped around on it .I had to use quite a bit of tape to grip it. Measured at the bottom of the grip(10") it is .5, then at the hozel it is.350, length is 34.5" and it's tapered. I know I should have given more info at the start but just thought someone would know straight off.
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