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From '07 Burner to Superfast 2.0

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  • From '07 Burner to Superfast 2.0

    I have been enjoying my '07 Burner for some years now. Last weekend I visited the local GoExpo (sports exhibition for the coming summer) where some golf outlet was selling Superfast 2.0 for such a bargain price I could not resist.

    Now I am wondering if there is something clearly different between these clubs besides the new one being a few grams lighter and half an inch longer (and white ). Both have stiff shaft and same 9,5 angle so the change should be minimal.

    I can work it out on the driving range (and I will, eventually) but if somebody knows the differences by heart, I would appreciate. I hope I will be driving at least 5% longer - is that a reasonable assumption? From 250 to +260 ?

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    Re: From '07 Burner to Superfast 2.0

    Go back to the '07 Burner and get some money back on the Superfast. What has probably happened is you have fallen victim to the OEM's hysterically poor quality control. Both clubs say 9.5 on them, you might find one of them is mid to high 8's and the other is low to mid 10's. Same with the shafts, both might say 55g (or whatever) but one could be 50g and the other 60g, they might both say S flex with one on the R side and the other on the X-side of get the drift.

    I have gone through probably a dozen TM drivers since the original bronze coloured burner bubble (1996?) and my diagnosis is:

    '07 Burner and R510TP are their best works. If you need a bit more pep and lightness, go for the Burner, if you want solid feel with low spin and a bit of workability, get the R510TP, with an up to date like for like shaft these will be the equal of the new heads and still smoke pretty much any other head out there.

    Currently using a Burner Tour (Tour head in a whole degree loft with the long hosel) with a Axiv Core Tour Proto Green on it and it's very good but still I dont think it comes off the club as well as my old '07 Burner with a Graf Blue on it.

    If you want to invest, keep the '07 head, bin the OEM shaft and get a premium lightweigh but tight shaft on it (Accra, Miyazuki?) and you seriously cant do any better.