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Nike Dymo STR8-Fit2 Driver

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  • Nike Dymo STR8-Fit2 Driver

    The simple Nike STR8-FIT shaft adapter built into the hosel gives you access to eight unique head positions, delivering eight different ball flights to either dramatically correct your ball flight or subtly perfect it.

    Nike Golf launched its family of four 460 cc SQ Dymo drivers -the SQ Dymo STR8-FIT and SQ Dymo - each with a square-headed version (the SQ DYMO≤ STR8-FIT and SQ DYMO≤) in May 2009.

    The Nike SQ Dymo drivers clubs follow teh release of the TaylorMade R9 driver, the Callaway FTiQ model, and the Mizuno MP-600 with sliding weight adjustment and the Cobra S9-1 and not forgetting the Titleist 909 drivers. All of these drivers now follow the DIY custom-fit-your-own-driver style which has become the latest trend in driver technology.

    Nike says the SQ DYMO STR8-FIT and Nike SQ DYMO≤ STR8-FIT each with eight self-adjustable face angles and priced at £360 are to revolutionise the way golfers can shape their tee shots to ensure maximum distance with pinpoint accuracy.
    One of the key factors in determining the direction the golf ball travells is the angle at which the clubface makes contact with the ball. By allowing the player to adjust this angle it puts more control over the shot into the players hands.

    The latest PGA Tour equipment survey suggests World No.1 Tiger Woods also uses a Nike SQ Dymo driver but he uses a 380cc head which not currently available to the general market. Tiger has an 8.5 degree loft head fitted with a Mitsubishi Diamana White Board shaft.

    - GTO's Pro Verdict -
    Greg Hutton - PGA Professional

    Nike have certainly made leaps and strides with their golf club design over the past few years, and the Nike SQ Dymo range is testiment to that.

    This is a real solid range of drivers providing excellent distance combined with great control. They gave me confidence when put behind the ball and that is 99% of the battle with hitting great drives!
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    Re: Nike Dymo STR8-Fit2

    The great thing about the Nike Dymo STR8-FIT2 driver is that the golfer can adjust it to eight different settings. It has helped cure my slice and I have gained approx 20 yeards off the tee