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Taylor Made r7 CGB Max Driver

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  • Taylor Made r7 CGB Max Driver

    Three removable weights have been fitted to the r7 CGB Max. One 16g and two 1g weights are supplied in the head as standard. This helps the golfer achieve the perfect ball flight and launch angle.

    Repositioning the weights will give promote anything from a slight fade to a large draw bias - giving a possible 35 yards of trajectory change.

    Extra cartridge weights are also available and can be viewed by clicking here

    A massive 460 cc clubhead combined with TaylorMade's Inverted Cone Technology produces an extremely-high eMOI (Effective Moment Of Inertia) that exceeds 5800. This reduces clubhead twist on off-centre strikes for greater accuracy.

    The club fully conforms to the R&A and USGA rules and provides extrodinary resistance to club head twisting on off centre strikes.

    A triangular head shape helps to move the centre of gravity further away from the face. This gives a high ball flight with little backspin for long drives.

    **This driver has a COR of 0.83 or less so it will be perfectly legal to use through 2008!**

    'SuperFast' Technology gives an overall light total weight to the club to promote faster swing speeds for crushing distance.

    A glorious red finish looks fantastic at set up and inspires confidence.

    Fitted with an ultra high quality REAX 'SuperFast' graphite shaft. Made by Mitsubishi Rayon to give extra clubhead speed for monumental length drives.

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    Re: Taylor Made r7 CGB Max Driver Reviews

    I found that this driver gave great distance on the range, carry was reasonable but the roll generated was huge. The contact feels solid enough and it doesn't sound tinny like some of the other high end drivers.

    All in all I enjoyed hitting this club and would recommend it for the person who is seeking those extra few yards from the tee, and doesn't mind splashing the cash...
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