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  • Roberts Hydraulic Puller

    The package arrived intact 10 days after ordering ,not bad coming from the States to small town Australia. I have been collecting orphaned clubs since well before ordering so had plenty to test it on.
    After removing the heads on three clubs to use the shaft of one, the head of another, the grip of one and the ferrule of any that would give it up in one piece and then ( confidence soaring ) replaced the grips on all of my powerbilt clubs, I can report that the tool more than meets all requirements a tool such as this should.
    It is in fact a club workstation, the vise and rubber adaptor gave a firm grip whether I was pulling heads , gripping my spine finder , attempting a dynamic flo or just using it to hold my clubs safely while I regripped them.
    The only concern was that there appeared to be cracking on the yoke (the metal plate with the u cut out and welded to the jack piston) I contacted the supplier and was told that it was caused by a punch that chopped the u piece. He called it metal drag. In my opinion they are trying to punch out a piece from a piece of metal that is too thick for the machine.
    I can't see a situation where there would be a load applied that would stress that area to cause failure. The company was approachable and offered immediate assistance in the unlikely event of failure.
    Over all it is a great piece of equipment and using the vice adaptor is portable and allows the equipment to be placed as your needs require. Every workshop should have one. Oh.. and the golf balls on the end of the vise handles are a nice touch !
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