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    I have the new Ping I5 Anser Putter. The looks on it are not your traditional Anser putter style since there is an arc on the cavity of the putter. I believe its a correlation to the Ping Rapture Driver that has the cresent moon shape facing the opposite direction of the ball for eye alignment.
    But I think this putter is very solid. I can keep the ball rolling foward with it and the alignment tools are to the point and simple. When I have long putts, I try to open or close the face according to were the lag is. This actually helps lag the ball closer to the hole when the velocity of the ball is gone and the lag of the green takes over.
    The only problem that I have is that it can easily get dirty from its small cavity spots that is probably used for weight manipulation. But Im gonna keep it for a long time.
    I recommend this putter, and I have some tips to make this putter more successful.
    1-finish your backstroke and accelerate down. That gives me a great roll from contact. Plus, accelerating down helps manage distance control.
    2-I play a game were I put three golf balls three feet surrounding a hole. I make all three and count that all as 1 point. The goal is to get 10 points. If you miss 1 putt, you have to start to zero. ALL of the putts have to be three feet. The key to your success with this game is by not relying on a LAG!!! Just get it straight in the hole.
    I enjoyed writing this review and I hope that this helps your decision if your inquiring on a new Ping I5.
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    Re: Ping I5 Anser

    Great review lafrenz75...

    I have heard that these new PING G5i Anser putters have one of the softest feels when striking the ball... this can be extremely helpful, especially on faster greens.