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Izzo Cage Mouth Practice Net Reviews

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  • Izzo Cage Mouth Practice Net Reviews

    For those that may be looking for a net and need a recommendation, I just had an Izzo Cage Mouth net delivered. The unit is completely assembled in the box. All you do is pull it out, take off the storage straps and throw it out into the yard about 8 feet away. It springs open and, depending on weather, is ready to hit. If it's windy (like it was for me tonight), it comes with metal stakes and two guy lines to secure it. It comes with a nylon target which is nearly silent when you hit it, at least with short irons (no big popping/slapping noises). I hit into it for a couple of hours and it stayed put and never fell.

    Tear down is pretty simple. Knock the net to the ground and fold it twice and put it in the bag. It takes a little muscle, but it's actually easy.

    I stood far enough back that my club would not hit the net and even my most errant shots were well contained and nowhere near escaping.

    I picked it up from Rock Bottom Golf for $99 with free ground shipping. It's worth every penny. I give it 5 stars.
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    Re: Izzo Cage Mouth Practice Net

    I've got a similar model - the 'Big Daddy' (No guy lines or nylon target) but stands up to driver shots. Great value for the money.


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      Re: Izzo Cage Mouth Practice Net Reviews

      I used to use a golf net, but they are boring and the good ones are expensive. I started using this golf ball on a bungee rope. It utilizes a real golf ball, you can see ball flight and visualize shot direction. I have taken thousands of shots with it and it only cost $20 .