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The Boomerang Golf Putting System

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  • The Boomerang Golf Putting System

    Well, last week I was sent a Boomerang putting system to test out and I was pleasantly surprised, please read my findings below.

    Having been around the game of golf for about twenty years now I have seen a lot of golf training aids some good and some bad. The Boomerang definitely falls into the former. A lot of the previous putting aids that I have tried needed batteries… offering the user a buzz when a ball went in and some even attempt to fire the ball back at you (although very often not).

    The boomerang is however, pleasantly simple. No batteries and no annoying misses if you strike a perfectly good putt. The boomerang offers you the ability to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the hole to the speed of a putt, which allows you to increase the level of difficulty and challenge yourself further.

    The setting up of the boomerang is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply roll out the mat (if you wish to use it) and stand the cup at the slope level that you require. You can adjust the depth of the hole by turning the hole insert clockwise or anti-clockwise (a great idea). The felt surface on the ramp is superb offering a very smooth and realistic roll as ball approaches the hole.

    Practicing with the Boomerang really makes you want to challenge yourself. I have found it to provide a truly addictive putting experience. It reminds me of when we were juniors practicing so hard and not coming in from the putting green until we had sunk twenty putts in a row from different lengths. The Boomerang provides this type of enjoyment and I believe this alone makes it a worth while investment for any standard of player.

    The Boomerang is the only putting device that I have used that offers a true representation of how the ball behaves around the cup. Be sure that if you do not get the pace right and your putt is not dead centre then it will lip out with the boomerang. It is this type of realistic feedback that makes the Boomerang so addictive. You feel that you can beat the Boom so you just keep on trying, and once you feel that you have mastered it you can reduce the cup depth, which will increase the level of difficulty again.

    A must for anyone serious about improving their putting.

    If you have any queries about the Boomerang please contact me here. Or alternatively visit the official Boomerang site now.

    Visit the Boomerang website for more info.

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    Re: The Boomerang Golf Putting System

    hi Greg
    have used the boomerang for a couple of years now and use it mostly in the winter months. have found that i can go down and play for a couple of hours and the time just seems to fly in.
    my putting has got better and my judgment of pace real has improved.
    i think it the best putting aid i have seen, it not much to look at but the system of knocking your first ball out with your second ball really helps you in judging pace and the simple way it ajusts really works well.
    the only thing wrong is its so hard to get in the UK.