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Cleveland CG12 Zip Wedge Reviews

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  • Cleveland CG12 Zip Wedge Reviews


    I have found past Cleveland wedges to be the best on the market, and have often opted for them over the competition.

    The CG12 wedges look a lot shape wise to wedges from Titleist, and TaylorMade The leading edge has been flattened and the toe is a bit higher than previous models.

    I often remember back to using the old Mizuno TP-9 wedges and how soft a feel that they were and how nice they were to use around the greens. The Clevelend wedges of past I feel have not been as responsive feel wise, but these CG12's are a big improvement in that respect and are one of the best feeling wedges around.

    Do the Zip grooves make a difference. Oh yes... when hitting fuller wedge shots the better player really has to take into account the spin factor and account for a litttle bit of backspin. But it is over the short knocked down wedge shots were the zip grooves really come into their own. They allow you to attack pin positions with the ball stopping dead in a controlled manner on the second or third bounce. Of course the shot still needs to be executed, but I find it much easier with the CG12's

    A superb wedge... If your short game needs a sprinkle of genius the get your hands on one of these puppies now.

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    Re: Cleveland CG12 Zip Wedge Reviews

    Greg, do you have any comments on the Cleveland Niblick? I'm seriously looking at the CG12 but also considering the Niblick because of its versatility.