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Push or Push/fade. Help!

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  • Push or Push/fade. Help!

    Hi guys.

    Well the problems I have had with my new driver have spread to the rest of my game now. I need some serious help.

    The problem I am having is when I hit the ball I usually(90%) hit either a straight push or a push/fade. 9-7 iron is more a push and 6-5 iron, 3 hybrid, 3 wood, driver have more a push/fade(the longer the club the more fade comes in). With my driver, if I close my stance and shoulders 20-30* it will straighten up.

    When at impact, it feels like the club face is open, and it feels like the right hand is doing it with the forearm not rolling over in the downswing.

    I also feel like I have skill 1 sorted out in all clubs, and I would have said I had the others ok until I started to use my driver and everything went to pot. Now I am not sure about skill 2 and 3.

    Can you guys suggest what is wrong and what to do about it. I really don't enjoy playing like this(I shot 154 today, a record for me in the wrong direction)

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    Re: Push or Push/fade. Help!

    Hi Guys,

    Just an update. Looks like my problem has been my setup position. I have turned out my right elbow slightly, so that the elbow doesn't fold back properly on the backswing but more importantly it leaves the club face open at impact.

    Now back to the 3 skills.