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  • Ordered "nail it" from

    Decided to take the plunge.

    Not played much this year (9 holes and one range session total, so no kidding), but my swing had become a total mess towards the end of last season with 1,000,000 swing thoughts and 10,000,000 flaws. I could play a round full of miss-hits and not hit the same miss-hit twice in a row. I think I may have even invented a few new ones.

    The reviews on here seem to say that it simplifies the swing and allows you to just swing, so that is what I need.

    I ordered from the US amazon site as the Canadian one doesn't stock it (yet), so it will take 7 to 10 working days to arrive, so I expect it will arrive in my mailbox by 25th - 30th July, so it'll be a while before I get back to you with my (honest) assessment/progress.

    Take it easy.


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    Re: Ordered "nail it" from


    Book arrived today. Get back to you with progress.


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      Re: Ordered "nail it" from

      Originally posted by snowman View Post

      Book arrived today. Get back to you with progress.
      You mean you didn't shoot 76 just because the book is in your posession now? LOL


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        Re: Ordered "nail it" from

        Be good to hear how you get on mate. I dont think I have sliced the ball once since 3 skills.

        Im hitting my irons consistently well now, so much so I am occasionally stopping the ball on the green with my wedges .

        Driver is different from day to day, but on the good days Im hitting as far as any of my playing partners and Im only a wee fella.


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          Re: Ordered "nail it" from

          So I read "nail it" a few times and the plan was:

          To: have 2 range sessions working on the drill for 3 skills, and then play a round of golf.

          Unfortunately my son got sick (nothing serious) and I didn't get a chance to practice.

          So I just tried to rid myself of all swing thoughts, line up well and take my time and evaluate every shot (where do I want to put this - etc).

          I would do the baseball swing drill as part of my preshot routine.

          I played a really nice game of golf with a 101 (adj 98). I am a 24 capper so, 96 would have been to cap, and this was the first full 18 of the year.

          5 pars, 5 bogies, 3 doubles (+11 for 13 holes)


          3 triples, 1 quad, and 1 quin (+19 for 5 holes)

          The last 4 holes of the day were horrible (tiredness???).

          I hit 11 fairways and a new personal best of 5 greens. My tee shots with the 5w were excellent (I lost 2 OB though ). My irons were so so (hopefully 3 skills will help this when I get to practice). My 4h was attrocious (massive push) and got me in all sorts of trouble (I NEED to go to the range to figure this club out or take it from the bag).

          Short game was poor today and putting was so-so.

          So in conclusion, as I had no time to practice the 3 skills the jury is still out, but using the 3 skills attitude of no swing thoughts, (assess variables, preshot routine, pick target, pull trigger) I did really well.

          I think if 3 skills can help my iron play to go from so-so to good and I can work a bit more on my short game I can start making personal bests.

          The baseball drill really helped focus me on the tee, helped my attack the ball from inside.

          Hopefully this is the start of something great....

          Now to find the time to get to the damn practice tee.....