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Right then.........Continued Appraisal Time.

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  • Right then.........Continued Appraisal Time.

    Not doing too bad. Still working hard at the range and on the course. I tend to solely concentrate on Skills 1 + 2, Skill 3 seems to happen as a result of the 1st 2 and i'm not going to make a conscious effort to rotate the hands at this stage as I don't feel i'm fully settled with the first 2 skills yet.

    Last week, sweltering conditions and of the 1st 10 holes I bogeyed 1 and parred 8 (lost a ball on the 6th and ended with a 6 on that). It all fell apart on the back nine but those 1st ten holes were solid.

    This sunday just gone, my 1st round in anger... the 7th Medal!!!

    I play off 12 and was 4 over after 9 (par 70, 35 out 35 back). So 8 shots to play with for a par round. The putting went up the pictures on the back 9 and I ended with a 72.

    I was pretty disappointed really, but looking back that's the best card i've put in for ages and a couple of months ago I was putting in back to back cards of nett 86's.

    The 2 swing thoughts of back and in and downward attack have helped me. Sometimes as I get tired, there just have to be a few more swing thoughts just to keep things solid in the swing. But the basic message of the 3 skills is helping me. Last medal saturday and if I can just sort my putting...........................

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    Re: Right then.........Continued Appraisal Time.

    8th medal..........................utterly lashing down!!!! hit some solid shots but we all came in after 7. The british summer what a solid season!!!

    I appreciate the simplicity and getting the book is worth it.