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  • 3 skills golf

    Hi, guys,

    Without reading through all these posts on this issue, I have a question.
    What is all this fuss about?. I will be honest with you all, I have never heard of three skills golf. I would be obliged if someone would explain to me all about it in a condensed fashion.Who started it, what benefits does it have.I am all ears.Bearing in mind I play alot of golf and those whom I play alongside have never heard of it either.

    Many Thanks Bogeygolfer.

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    Re: 3 skills golf

    You should find most information your looking for here.......

    Basically it is a different approach to the golf swing, or more so forgetting the golf swing and focusing on the type of impact you should have. All tour players swing differently some are really strange but they all have 3 things in common.

    How they apply the clubface to the ball:

    Downward blow - to hit the sweetspot
    From the inside - to hit the ball square
    Rotation - to create the power

    You won't be disappointed.



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      Re: 3 skills golf

      Cheers Ian,

      Thanks for that,very helpful. I now understand.Sounds good to me, I think I shall consider trying it.

      Regards Bogeygolfer.


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        Re: 3 skills golf

        Well guys I have taken the plunge. I ordered the Nail it book yesterday.I currently hit in the the mid to low 70's. I am playing well and strike the ball well, however my ball striking needs to improve.I need to break into the 60's. Although I am playing well much of my practice time revolves around a number of check points in the swing and I see this as hassle, you are constantly fiddling around with a hundred and one different swing thoughts,positions and check points and it is all very complicated. If I can come across a system which works and lessens this burden then of course I will use it.
        I am willing to provide feedback on the 3skills system if I choose to use it, however I need to read the book first.If I decide to use this system then depending on what changes are required we would be looking at implementing any change in the closed season i.e October.
        I have read all the threads on this forum re 3 skills golf and I am willing to check it out, however any feedback will take time.
        Another aspect of my game revolves around stats. If I choose to use the 3 skills system then that would be the guide, that would be proof of whether the system is of benefit, would it improve my stats.Any change in my swing may take 6 months to adjust to,and then to give any new system a chance then you are looking at least another 12 / 18 months of stat assesment to see if it works, hence like I mentioned earlier feedback would take time.
        I look forward to reading the book.

        Many thanks guys.


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          Re: 3 skills golf

          The book arrived this morning (only took 3 days to arrive).I sat down and read it from start to finish.I then went straight out to the range.Like I said in the earlier post I play well but my ball striking needs to improve.Prior to reading the book I can say that I have inconsistantly implemented each skill as shown in the book.The inconsistancy was due to all the swing thoughts going around inside my head. The three skills book has changed everything.Concentrating just on the 3 skills and forgetting about the technical side of the swing has made an immmediate improvement to my ball striking and I have only had the book in my possession for less than 12 hours.Without giving anything away I feel that on course in the past I was not connecting correctly and consistently with the sweet spot (skill1).
          I am really impressed by this book infact I am certain it will improve my game. Having played golf for 30 years i can say that this book is the best instruction I have ever seen. Everything is so simply explained and it works. I think this will be one of the best selling instructional books ever.I think it is that good.
          I will update you all with my progress.
          Cheers Bogeygolfer.


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            Re: 3 skills golf

            It's good int it?

            The other occassional swing thought has to come in at certain times but for the basics it couldn't be simpler and couldn't be plainer.


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              Re: 3 skills golf

              Just flown in from Lanzarote guys, wow it was hottttt,

              Glad you like the book Pal, it is amazing how many years you play hindering yourself, only to look at the ball with impact in mind is great.

              My feeling are exactly the same, I think it works instantly with good golfers, this is becoming apparent.

              thanks for your feedback,