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two questions on 3SK's

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  • two questions on 3SK's


    This is my first post. I'm interested in the three skills book and technique and have two questions for anyone familiar with the book.

    First, I'm in my late 50's and play to a single digit hdcp., but do have some back and shoulder issues. The question; Is the three skill process back friendly?

    Second, is the three skill process something that will improve the short game?

    So I'm cheating and am asking another question. Is the three skill process similiar to Bobby Clampett's book " The Impact Zone" ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: two questions on 3SK's


    3 Skills in an unusual teaching system in that it does not tell you how to move your body in the golf swing, it concentrates on what happens as the clubface approaches, contacts and leaves the ball. You have to let go of all swing thoughts and focus only on the skills. I have not read Clampett's "Impact Zone" but I guess there will be some similarities.

    The 3 skills are:

    1) Hitting down on the ball at the correct angle for each club.

    2) Hitting the ball at the widest point in the swing arc.

    3) Moving the clubface from open prior to impact - to - closed past impact.

    The book has many drills, uses imagery and covers all aspects of the game. Don't know if it will help your back? Maybe it would if the problem is caused by something you do now that you will stop doing
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      Re: two questions on 3SK's

      Hello Brian

      Found my answer.
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        Re: two questions on 3SK's

        i would say the 3sk's is back friendly. having used this method for one year , i have suffered no problems with back or shoulders.
        it's all about impact zone, and my take on this is it's all about forearms and wrists , so no pressure on the back!!
        my short game is better because you hit with spin and the ball stops quicker, just takes a while to 'range in' the new technique.hope this answers your question.