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    I purchased the 3sks. book through Amazon a few weeks ago. Although I have had not as much opportunity to pratice because of the weather being somewhat inclement in Ohio in November I really do like the results.

    Result number one: My putting is better. I don't worry about anything other than hitting the back of the ball with the putter head. Without any other thought my lag putting has really improved and my under ten feet putts are more successful.

    Result number two: My chipping is better. See the first result..

    Result number three: Pitching. Well, I need a little more work because of weather and time to pratice is limited but my contact seems improved.

    Result number four. Short and mid irons. Just plain better contact and consistency. Couldn't be more pleased.

    Result number five. Driver is no worse or better and the fairway woods seem better.

    Bottom line: This system is deceptively " simple" and allows you, as the book says, make a more correct pass at the ball without being overloaded with all the analytical information. Someone should have written this many moons ago.