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HELP! 1st day at range using 3sk

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  • HELP! 1st day at range using 3sk

    Well, not as good as I hoped. Terrible pushes and some slices, but mostly pushes. I even set the ball in front of the tee to see if I was hitting inside out and mostly I was, but still pushing. I did feel like I was striking the ball fairly crisply. I did hit a few nice draws, but not many. Any thoughts. Is this common when learning?

    Thanks joe

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    Re: HELP! 1st day at range using 3sk

    You should not be trying to hit in to out at the moment, just make sure you are making good sweetspot ball/ground contact with irons using SK1. Don't worry if the ball is pushing, just keep practising so that you can obtain that nice sweet contact with all clubs.

    When you are doing this on a repeatable basis with all clubs then move on to SK2 only (leave SK3 for later) and work hard on striking the ball at the widest point of the arc.

    I hope this helps you.


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      Re: HELP! 1st day at range using 3sk


      Thanks for the reminder. Always my tendency to run before I walk. I guess I feel like I am striking fairly consistent on the sweet spot. I put down a piece of tape under the ball and I can strike the ball 10 maybe 15 times in a row without taking the tape. If I'm correct in my thinking, leaving the tape would imply that I am striking down and hitting the ground after striking the ball. I do this with my 9 - 8 - 7 iron's, almost automatic. Anyway, I've only been doing this a couple of days so I'll just be patient and work sk1. I think stack and tilt and 3sk are extremely complimentary.