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  • Distance

    I know I said yesterday about increased distance but I have a little question.

    Today practicing at the range my impact was good and shot shape was consitant. However every now and agaon I would loose distance. It was almost like the ball was popping up rather than driving forward. For example. My wegde would go 100-110 then all of a sudden for a couple of shots it barley goes 75 yards. The shot is still striaght but gets up a lot quicker. I assumed that it was because I was not hitting down but the more I tried to hit down the more it lost distance and was looking more like a long flop shot???

    Any imput appreciated here as when this happens the tendancy is to subconciously swing harder which then degrades the quality of my striking.


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    Re: Distance

    you will find your distance changes day to day. it can be that your body's tired or you don't have your tempo just right.
    if you watch the pros when they practice before a round they are working out how much the ball bends in the air and how long it fly. and they work with what they have on that day.
    different weather and humidity has effect on the golf ball and distance.
    if hitting a driver do you hit at 100% all the time. if you do you will see a bigger change in distance between shots, if you swing at 90% when driving you will be more consistent with you distance.


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      Re: Distance

      It must be tiredness. One of my biggest flaws is knowing when to stop. Cant imagine its weather conditions as it happens in the same session. But I am guilty of sometimes carrying on too long because I start to hit weaker shots but dont want to leave untill I start hitting well again which then leads to a downward spiral.

      Cheers for the reply.



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        Re: Distance

        Hi Rob,

        Make sure you are not letting the clubhead get forward of your hands at impact, if you do it will add loft and send the ball higher and shorter.

        Think about the images in the book and how they show the hands just ahead of the clubhead as it meets the ball.


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          Re: Distance

          Nothing like flippy hands to hit the ball high and short