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  • A little confused

    I am hitting my driver longer and super accurate. Instead of walking up to tee off thinking "I wonder where this one will go?"I am absolutley confident of where and how far it will go. It has come from working through the skills and therefore knowing the optimum position of my swing at impact. Short irons are the same, it is such a pleasure to be hitting balls crisply. That is until I get to my long irons. I can time them sweetly off the tee but not off the turf, and my ball position is back from center or I ground the club before the ball. My woods are also fine. I came home from practice thinking I must have a very steep swing and therefore very little room for error. When I got home I began wondering if perhaps I was not transferring my weight. Could anyone shed some light on this vexing problem?

    ps I forgot to mention I am hitting my driver from the centre of my stance and it is a 9.5*club.
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    Re: A little confused

    You are probably subconsciously trying to lift the ball into the air making you stay on your back leg and maybe swat your wrists, this tends to create fat and thin shots.

    I like to imagine I am hitting the ball under a low tree branch or through a tyre like in the attached picture. If you use this imagery it assists with keeping your arms extended and the transfer of weight onto the front foot. Try hitting some shots with this image in mind and I think you will see an improvement.

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      Re: A little confused

      Thanks Brian, I will get out this afternoon and give it ago.
      Regards, Peter


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        Yeah great advice Brian, I agree completely. A lot of golfers will automatically try and 'lift' or 'scoop' the golf ball into the air with longer irons to compensate for the fact that the iron has very little loft.

        I also like to try and feel the club head sweeping through the golf ball at impact. I like to keep it going through the impact zone just a little bit longer than normal to ensure the iron has made solid contact. Again, keeping the arms together just a little bit longer after impact to ensure I have stayed connected.

        Good luck



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          Re: A little confused

          OP- If you are hitting the driver sweetly with the ball in the CENTER of your stance, you are probably stuck on your back foot at impact. The bottom of your arc is probably WAY back in your stance......behind center. This is likely the case with all your clubs. You are getting away with a steep downward swing in the back of your stance with the short irons and an upward swing when the ball is sitting up on a tee more forward.. The long irons off the deck are exposing the fault badly.

          Check out this link, especially the animation of Padrig Harrington completing his backswing. The first movement toward the target occurs while the backswing is being completed. Heís set to hit with his weight moving to his front foot.

          The Fall In - Tiger's Transition Part 2 :: Oceanic Time Warner Cable's

          Donít forget that your ball position will have to be moved forward to the correct location. Driver off the front heel or instep. Wedges no further back than center of the stance. Everything else gradually between. (Assuming a square stance to the target with all clubs.)