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  • help with skill #3

    I need some clarification on skill #3. I've got skills 1 & 2 down pretty well, but I'm not sure exactly what is meant by rotating the clubface from open to closed through the ball. Obviously the face has to square up at impact, I'm not completely stupid, I just need a clearer mental picture of what to do with the left wrist and the clubface following impact.

    Does the club work from toe-up to toe-up with a bent left wrist in the follow-through as in traditional golf instruction? Or does the left wrist remain flat with the face of the club pointing at the ground when the club is waist high in the follow-through? Or does it even matter?

    Personally, I seem to actually have a flatter left wrist at impact and a better downward strike when I don't attempt the full rotation of the left wrist and let it break down after impact, but I tend to lose the ball to the right more often when swinging this way.

    Basically, I would feel a lot better going to the course and the range with a clearer picture of what I should be attempting. Somebody give me a hand here please!


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    Re: help with skill #3

    You comment "I'm not sure exactly what is meant by rotating the clubface from open to closed through the ball."

    As you swing down, at some point, your right wrist crosses over your left wrist. This action rotates the clubshaft counterclockwise and the clubface transitions from open to close. For too many players this action occurs well after impact. The trick to tip # 3 is to time this to occur when the clubface hits the ball. See A. J. Bonar's "The Truth About Golf" at Welcome to [AJ Golf School] - AJ Reveals the TRUTH about Golf. It is the same thing.

    My problem with tip # 3 is the get the ball to travel out to the right.