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  • Downhill Lie

    What is setup for downhill lie ? What club is a good choice ? How far behind to hit the ball ?

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    Re: Downhill Lie

    * Align the shoulders level with the hill. In really extream cases, you may not be able to do this exactly, but do it to the point where you can still swing in ballance. Aligning the shoulders with the hill allows the club to swing at the ball as if it was on a flat lie.

    * This will deloft the club. So, expect the flight of the ball to go lower. You have to start to take consideration of the new landing area (closer to you then normal) and more run. If you have to get over something, then take out a shorter club to ge the hight you need. Now, you start to run the risk of not getting the ball the right distance you want, so you might have to play a harder/stronger shot to get the extra distance.

    * The path of the ball will generally slice. So favor and play that type of shot. Play out to that side and let it work back.

    * Don't try to hit behind the ball any different then you would a normal shot on a level lie. The tilt of the shoulders takes care of that part.

    * Your weight will naturally be forward to counter the tilt of the shoulders and the hill. Don't fight that part. Let your weight be ballanced throughout the swing. This means that to make the swing stay steady, you will have to adjust what you do while start out a little on the front foot..the takeaway almost gets the weight even, then the followthrough will move more weight then normal on the front foot. Be ready for it by flexing a little more on the front knee. Allow the swing to stay ballanced until impact, then you can walk down the hill without too much affect on the flight of the ball.

    * The angle of the hill will dictate what club you can use and the distance you can get away with. Small slopes you can just use 1 less club and hit it harder to make up for the distance, but speeper hills, will require even less club, and then you are stuck with the distance that those clubs will go. If you are not getting to the green, think about putting yourself a full 100 yds away (or what ever distance you like to hit a full SW to). That always makes the next shot easier to get the ball closer to makeup for the misfortune you just ending up on that bad hill.


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      Re: Downhill Lie

      Thanks Greg. But Forget to mention 'bunker' in my question...

      Can you explain down hill lie in bunker pls.