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Dowhill lie in bunker

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  • Dowhill lie in bunker


    Missed out info on one detail last time....

    Ball is in greenside buker on a down hill and why of stance/club/setup etc...Please.



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    Re: Dowhill lie in bunker

    * Put more weight on your front foot and open your stance, because the ball will tend to go right.

    * Position the ball about an inch farther back than a normal sand shot which is about 1 inch back - so 2 inches are good, and lay the clubface as open as you can stand it. You'll need all the loft you can get to counter the effect of the hill, which has the affect of delofting the club.

    * Keep the shoulders level with the hill.

    * Start back with a full wrist cock to create the steepest algle of attack as you can.

    Because your shoulders are level with the hill you will swing down the slope, so make sure you create a long divot of sand. The shot will come out low, so play for a lot of roll.
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