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    You ever find yourself in the trees after a slice off the tee. Not real deep, but one where you can only find daylight to the fairway over low trees.

    Here's a speciality shot you might want to work on.

    A 90* turning shot. The setup and swing line are key here.

    Setup adjustments. The clubface is aligned to the target. The foot line is adjusted on the path you want the ball to start on. The ball should be played a little closer to the heel of the clubface than normal. The ball will be slightly back in the stance, but can b played in your normal position if a higher ball flight is desired, you need to experiment here for your swing. Swing the club on the footline. The ball will start on the footline and work back toward the target.

    I have used this from wedges to the driver. With practice it can save a few srokes when getting out of the trees. This will give you another option if you have a decent lie and line.


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    Re: In the Trees

    Just to add to golfbald's thread, this is how all high to mid ametuers should learn how to hit a draw or fade. Line the club face to the target and your feet to the intended initial path you want the ball to travel. Swinging along the path your feet are aligned to keeps the same swing as a straight shot but with a draw or fade, depending on you club face alignment. If you normally hit straight, the ball will curl from the initial line to where your club face is lined up, which is a draw or a fade. Most mid to high handicappers have a large handicap because of an inconsistant swing, so purposely altering their swing to create a draw or fade adds to even more inconsistancies. Try it out on the range - you will be surprised on how well this will work the ball for you!
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