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  • Better Bunker Shots

    I recently had a lesson to improve my bunker play and picked up some great advice that helped me that I would like to pass on. My coach noticed that I had a tendency at set up to have my left shoulder (lead shoulder) to be higher than my right shoulder. Basically a similar set up to hitting your driver where you are trying to sweep the golf ball at impact. I think my reasoning in the sand was to help 'lift' or 'scoop' the ball out which as everyone knows is a very bad way to play bunker shots.

    Once I leveled out my shoulders I found I was easily able to make better contact with the ball and the divot showed this. The divot was more at the ball and beyond which made for a crisp shot with even some spin on the golf ball.

    So if you are struggling in the sand give this a try and see if it helps. Interested to hear from other members on their thoughts on this.

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    Re: Better Bunker Shots

    Ok will try it soon.