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pushing escape shots

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  • pushing escape shots

    A lot of the time on the golf course i find myself in the trees and the only shot out of them is a low punch shot.

    But for some reason I push these shots and they end up hitting a tree. I aim for a gap and then hit the shot but every time I do this they go right.

    I grip further down the shaft and put the ball back in my stance to keep it low as well as doing a 3/4 swing.

    any ideas or any differnt shots to try

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    Re: pushing escape shots

    Keep your backswing slow. This is the one thing that doesn't go through the amatuers mind when faced with escape shots. It seems our mind is so involved with all other aspects of how to get the shot out that we rush the backswing. The hips jump out too quickly and the upperbody can't catch up resluting in a push.


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      Re: pushing escape shots


      Another thing that may help. Are you keeping the leading edge of the club square to your target when you move the ball back in your stance? Very often people forget to do this and in actual fact the clubface ends up pointing right of where they intend it to be. It will probably feel to you like the clubface is toed in.


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        Re: pushing escape shots

        I have found that keeping both feet flat on the ground all the way through the shot not only keeps the ball low but helps to draw the shot with run on the ball.

        I know this is not by the book but is works very well and I use it every time for the right type of escape shot.

        Try this and it will work, that for sure.

        Hope this helps



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          Re: pushing escape shots

          I know what your problem is. I see it often in my teaching.

          There is nothing wrong with the approach to the shot or your selection of shot. What you need to do is abbreviate the swing but at the same time execute the normal mechanics. So often I see golfers shorten their swing but then they forget to turn the club over at impact and they slice or block the shot.

          This happens partly because the swing is shorter, therefore upright and more inside the line but also because you want to keep the shot low, the hands remian in front and unless you actually shut the face, it will be open when it reaches the ball - hence a shot to the right!

          Do this for me at a practice range:
          Take an 8-iron, grip down a bit and move the ball back, as if you were going to punch out, back onto a fairway.
          Now, swing back to just passed your hips ... the toe of your club should be pointing directly at the sky. Your left arm should be ina stright line with the shaft. All ok so far?
          Now, without actually swinging through, do the same post impact, just passed your hips. The toe of the club should be skyward, your right arm and shaft should be in a straight line.

          That is the movement you need.

          Go back to address, swing back and through, working the club face ... toe up, square, toe up. The ball should come out low and straight, maybe a bit of draw spin ...

          When you have that under control lengthen the swing and repeat the drill with the rest of your irons.
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            Re: pushing escape shots

            Thanks to everyone for their advice.

            Reading the last post by 'teaching pro', I think you have nailed the problem on the head. I seem to lose a lot my shots to the right and think I fail to turn the clubhead in the action your talking about, resulting in a push a lot of the time.

            Should I use the 8 iron drill to groove the correct clubhead rotation through the ball for my full swing??

            thanks again


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              Re: pushing escape shots

              Yes, you can but I'd rather use a 6-iron which has a longer, flatter backswing. Same principle ... turn to your right hip (assuming you're right handed), toe skyward, left arms and shaft in line ... turn passed impact to your left hip and same thing but right arm and shaft in line, toe skyward.

              Now take a full swing "getting" into both positions, first swinging slowly and then speed up to 70-80% power.

              You may hook or draw a few because drills are "designed" to exaggerate the movement.

              If you ever have the problem with any club - you can do this excercise, even a driver.


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                Re: pushing escape shots

                When i end up with a big ol tree in my way and no way out ill play any made up shot, I.e lef hand etc! makes it more fun