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how to punch a ball a long way

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  • how to punch a ball a long way

    i was wanting to know how to punch a ball long with a slight fade?

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    Re: how to punch a ball a long way


    The "Punch" shot is used where the ball needs a low trajectory and a good distance, hitting from under trees, punching through spaces in bushes etc.

    To get a long low flight place the ball back in your stance, use a suitable club, say a 5 iron, make a quarter back swing, accelerate the club into the back of the ball and use a short follow through. The ball should take off fast and low with plenty of roll.

    If you want to add some fade, rotate the club (not your wrists) in your grip so the face lies slightly open but make a normal swing in the direction you wish the ball to start off, the slightly open face will apply some side spin to bring the ball back right (good for hitting around a tree) like-wise close the club-face to bend the ball left.

    Hope this helps


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      Re: how to punch a ball a long way

      My thought through the swing is to try to keep my hands in front of the club for as long as possible through impact. This helps me keep the ball very low hot.

      Like BrianW said, if you want some curve just open or close the club without rotating your wrists and you will hopefully get some side to side ball movement.