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    playing in the captains comp today which in the main was a personal worst for me (great driving but awful at everything else)
    i teed off on our 350yd par4 7th and my only bad drive of the round a weak pull into the left side rough level with the 150yd marker.
    the ball was above my feet so i took a 7 iron and choked down a little. i made solid contact but a combination of a flat swing and right to left wind i end up in the left greenside bunker, all i can do is flop it out just getting through the fringe so im left with a 30 footer.
    im thinking about getting it close but as soon as i hit it i knew it was in and i card a very unlikely par

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    Re: unlikely par

    Gotta love those, Slats.

    I had an unlikely one the other day on a long par 5.
    Hit a duck-hook drive 110 yards to the left rough (thankfully a decent lie), then a rescue club some 160 yards to the right side semi-rough. From there, I blew a 5-wood 230 yards to a right-side green bunker (with the pin some 40 feet away on the left side of the green).

    So far it was much my normal play, but then I skulled the bunker shot, hitting it hard into the lip and back to where it lay before - a completely wasted shot.

    That had me cursing the life out of everything near me. I normally have very little problems getting out of bunkers, and this was a very shallow bunker that shouldn't pose a problem at all.

    Still mumbling four-letter words I took my stance again, hit a perfect bunker shoot, swept cleanly under the ball, lifting it in a high arc out of the bunker, landing it softly with 2 bounces and rolling it some 6 feet slowly losing speed, until finally dropping into the cup, without even hitting the flag (well, I couldn't hear that 'click'-sound, anyway), carding the unlikely par.

    My playing partner was inches from leaving the course in disgust - and I wouldn't have blamed him either, since I had one of those days where luck was one my side to the point of disbelief - i.e. hitting a monster drive straight into the forest, only to hear it hit a tree deep, DEEP in there and bounce 30 yards back out to the middle of the fairway. Naturally, I put that down as a FIR.