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  • Mike Pedersons Power Golf Training

    Does anyone have any experience with this program? I've found it to be not very useful.

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    Mike Pederson

    I haven't actually bought the program but have watched a number of his free videos. I found they had some good information on stretching and how to strengthen your body for your golf swing.


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      Re: Mike Pederson

      I'll be honest. I am a very holistic coach but i am also very efficient. When i see programmes offering increased distance and lower scores through fitness i am very sceptical and also steer clear, not because they dont work but because of the effficiency.

      If a player worked out, stretched for half hour a day in order to improve their golf, after one year they may benefit between 10 and 20 yards if they are very lucky. this would translate to maybe 3-4 shots off their golf game (maybe even less as if they are hitting it further into the trees they are going to have higher scores).

      Put the same amount of time into your full game through lessons and correct practice and you can not only improve your golf specific strenght through swinging (and flexibility will improve also), but your scores would probably come down even more.

      Further still, put the same 4 hours a week into your short game and most people could see a 10 shot decrease in their scores. Much more efficient. Howveer if you cant get to the range or short game area then the body conditioning may be your only option. Plus if you are of a much better level and distance is the thing holding you back then maybe it is better to focus your efforts here. Although i still think even most pros would benefit more from the extra short game practice than physical training.

      Furtehr still, most poeple could put this time more effectively into their mental game, although too many people will glaze over when i talk about this.... more fool them as everything in golf is mental, even your technique


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        Re: Mike Pederson

        Also, some jogging helps not only golf but general fitness and health.