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Wrist Injruy Tendinitis

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  • Wrist Injruy Tendinitis

    I hit a few steep fat shots on wet terrain with a wedge. It didn’t hurt that much initially, but I have a brace on now with a wrist injury on the apposite side of my thumb, lower wrist – which I understand is a common golf wrist injury. I am a lefty and it is my right wrist which is injured. Assuming this is your normal run of the mill wrist sprain – I am wondering if there are fellow golfers who went through the same thing and particularly their path to recovery.

    I have been told to wear the brace for a month and a half – but along the way I won’t to take physio and come out with a stronger wrist and better mechanics.

    Prior to the injury I had a bad habit of not turning my club over –rotating my forearms. When I took lessons my forearms rotated naturally and effortlessly in way that they no longer do.

    What do you think promotes or impedes a turning of the forearms…. I am thinking my steep swing plane is problem (very deep divots) lack of a lateral shift and weight hanging back… any others….

    Thanks in advance!