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  • accept and play ?

    This is what I read in a golf-tip article...let me know your thoughts...

    ...every day our swing changes ever so slightly that ball flight could be different on any given day. Instead of correcting it on the range before a round or the first tee accept it and play to it.

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    Re: accept and play ?

    The key there is that is says, "…ever so slightly...". In that case there is no reason to go through some swing changing right before a round. If you are popping it up, or dribbling it along the ground, then yes, start major surgery on the range so you can at least hit good shots on the course.

    Small tip fir those about ready to play a tournament or a critical match:

    Hit less then a 1/2 a bucket at the range before playing that day. Hit mostly mid irons. What you want to do is get easy tempo swings in your head. Do not make changes to swing fundamentals. You should have done those months ago. What you have right now at this moment is what you will have on the golf course. Consistency repeating a flaw is always better then un-grooved proper mechanics.