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My Swing on youtube in super slow motion - would love some comments please.

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  • My Swing on youtube in super slow motion - would love some comments please.

    00019 - YouTube

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    Pretty Good

    To me your golf swing looks pretty good. Posture is fine and your take away all seems to be right on track. You bring the golf club down slightly on the inside which is great and i'm guessing your are getting some sort of draw shape with your shots.

    The only minor thing I could see if that your spine angle seems to change slightly on the downswing. Your back seems to straighter up through the downswing and your shoulders lift up a fraction too much. This may be causing some slight miss hits shots with less power.

    All in all I think it looks pretty good.

    All the best


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      Re: Pretty Good

      I'm with Krudler - nothing major to complain about.

      If I was to nitpick, I don't like the right elbow breaking so early (I prefer a one-piece takeaway) - the early rt. elbow break can lead to yanking the club inside. At the top, the right elbow looks deep and somewhat disconnected. Not that you can't play good golf with it - it just requires some timing to get the elbow back out in front of the body.

      If you're hitting it well, I wouldn't bother changing anything.


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        Re: Pretty Good

        Bad video - too dark. Face on would also be good. Inconclusive. Get a t-shirt with collar and arms and if you must wear shorts get the trouser variety. My daughter watches this.