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Stack and Tilt or Conventional Swing

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  • Stack and Tilt or Conventional Swing

    I hear the term S & T being thrown around now and again and believe there are some tour pros using this technique, Troy Matteson to name one for sure. He had an impressive season in 2010 but then slipped out of the radar after this. Am I getting this wrong but has the initial excitement for this technique blown over? I do know that the S & T'ers have moved on to more of an old fashioned steady head swing in the style of Jones, Hogan and Nicklaus. I would guess that Hunter Mahan is following this guidance. But in general most of the golfers at the top of the tour stats are sticking to the modern swinging styles that have evolved over the last 20 years or so. The main difference can be seen in the more aggressive hip turn/slide and upper body lean away from the target through impact tendency of the modern golfer. Take a look at the old style where a steady head was very prevalent...

    Bobby Jones
    The personification of a steady head.

    Ben Hogan
    Some lateral movement to the right in the back swing but on the down swing rock steady through impact.

    Jack Nicklaus
    Like Jones, Jack's head is rock steady throughout

    This is the old school and perhaps the way we should all be swinging but its not how the majority of the new breed are swinging these days. For example...

    The modern swing IMO belongs to the endless studies, practice and persistence of this man. The modern pro has endeavoured to copy this technique and a steady head is no longer the standard.

    Rory McIlroy
    Like Tiger, a lateral move to the right on the back swing followed by a downward movement in the down swing and a slight tendency to move laterally away from the target through impact.

    Luke Donald
    To be continued
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    Re: Stack and Tilt or Conventional Swing

    Luke Donald
    He moves down and laterally to right on the back swing and follows similar conditions to the other two on the down swing.

    Lee Westwood
    Now Lee looks a little like Luke Donald on the back swing but on the down swing he's more like Trevino, the two Lees.

    Lee Trevino

    I always liked the way Trevino played this game but was told at the time he moved his head too much and basically swung all wrong. I believe that there is some truth in this but a steady head is also not 100% correct. At least it looks that way from how most tour pros are swinging these days. The longest hitter on the tour stats does look a lot different to the two Lees through impact...

    Bubba Watson
    Sorry about the quality I can't find a better driver video. The camera is set too far to the right of face on.

    I hope you enjoy looking through this collection of stills and that it perhaps gives you all some food for thought.

    P.S. I know Bubba's a leftie but I like to compare them all from the same side.
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