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  • Inside Golf Swing Takeaway

    I have always struggled with an inside golf swing takeaway. This has resulted in pulls, pull hooks and weak fades as well. It's one of those faults you don't realise you're doing until you see your golf swing on video. I've seen this many times with my golf swing over the years.

    When you take the club too far inside on the takeaway it more than often than not forces your golf swing to come down over the top on the way down. This gives you many of the problems as listed above. I've tried many drills and tips with limited success until I found this video by Jeff Ritter which really helped. It explained in a simple way that I think any golfer with the same problem can fix in no time.

    Jeff Ritter - Faults and Fixes - Takeaway Inside - YouTube

    I'm interested to hear from other golfers if they have suffered from having too much an inside takeaway and how they overcame it?


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    Re: Inside Golf Swing Takeaway

    I like Jeff Ritter, he has some great drills and thoughts on the golf swing.

    I agree that it is so easy to start taking the club away too far inside and that it causes all sorts of problems. Another drill I know is to place another ball behind around a 7 iron distance and make sure the clubhead points over the second ball as you swing back.


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      Re: Inside Golf Swing Takeaway

      Thanks Brian,

      Yes I think that drill is similar to another one where you place a second golf ball just behind the 1st one. You then start your take away and try to push the second ball back in a straight line.