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  • "Level elbows"

    I keep hearing from various instruction books and videos how one should keep their elbows level during the backswing.
    Also, you should tuck your right elbow in, at least during the downswing which, BTW seems to work very well. Looks to me like there's some kind of transition from backswing to downswing with the right elbow--I'm OK with that but trying to keep those elbows level during the backswing is difficult, at best. I've practiced in a mirror and it's starting to look more and more like a baseball swing where the right ebow sticks out backwards.
    So---do you tuck the elbow in (pointing downwards) towards the end of the backswing OR keep the elbows level-right elbow pointing backwards? Is it simply two different trains of thought here?

    Thanks guys...Wil
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