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No consistency, Little fun. Help!

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  • No consistency, Little fun. Help!

    I've been playing golf for about 6 years now and have had countless lessons from 3 different pros in my quest to play golf reasonably well (single figures would be my dream). I recently went through a good spell apart from a sliced driver, so, with much worry I booked a lesson to stop it. What happens? I am now playing the worst golf I have in years, I have no specific bad miss, they are completely varied. I hit hooks, slices, pushes, thins, fats; the lot. My swing looks like it deserves better golf than I am playing and it feels like a hopeless task to continue playing as I feel as though I will never reach a standard where I can play nice courses and enjoy golf with better players and in competitions, I feel like I will always be clueless and hopeful when setting up over the ball. My official handicap is 16, but that is far too low for me recently, for example today I went 32 over par and didn't hit a good shot all day, but looking at the effort and time and money that I have invested in golf, maybe it's a cue to put away the clubs for good, but I come on here as a last ditch effort to play decent golf again.
    For those great people willing to help, my fo swing is below and the dtl is in the next post for your info the pro told me to have a more athletic posture (hips back, more knee flex, bent over more etc, a stonger grip, and getting the weight pivoted onto the back foot more on the backswing as he said I was reverse pivoting a little).



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    Re: No consistency, Little fun. Help!

    Swing DTL