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This was a great Golf Site. Lets get it going again

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  • This was a great Golf Site. Lets get it going again

    This was the premier golfing Forum for many years, alas it seems to have become dormant.

    I would love to see it used again. Anyone out there interested in getting things moving again? Would like to hear from you.

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    Agreed - This used to be a fantastic site. I had to give up golf for the last 3 years to complete an academic research project but recently resumed playing. Very disappointed that we cannot find the advice, tips and general discussions we enjoyed so much!


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      I knew site still existed because I regularly got birthday greetings I came back today, because I was looking for a video or series of swings shots that I posted back in 2005 or 2006 or thereabouts. Right now, my swing has totally gone, so I wanted to see what it used to look like! I did find a series of 2006 pics on another site and I guess I must have whatever I posted stored on my computer somewhere!

      Hope you get site going again!


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        I see you still have the same avatar BW


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          first time back in a few years. i will check to see if still active. golfed for 60 years. gone from an 8 to a new high of 14 hcp. i know i can improve put to meany swing thoughts