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  • right hand drill

    Many thanks to Greg Hutton. I just can't believe it. I am very new to golf (about 1 1/2 months) and I have read and practiced all of the particulars. Always shot to the right! I read about the right hand drill and it is amost miraculous! Almost immediately I was shooting straight! and it is quite consistant. I'm still pretty lousy at playing but in my little world the improvement is
    tremendous. thanks again for all the helpful hints. I find this forum great!

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    What is the right hand drill

    I've seen a couple of mentions of this right hand drill.

    Can someone tell me what it is? Or where I can find it



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      right hand drill

      Drill wasn't where I last saw it but I found a place you can look. I must say that the drill belongs to Greg J Willis and thanks to him. You can find it if you go to -- ask a pro>swing>fundamentals then follow the link to Greg J Willis (this is his website) at the bottom of the pg is the drill. Hope you find it. It has helped me alot.


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        Here is the direct link to that thread.


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          direct link

          Thanks very much!


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            right hand drill

            Originally posted by pgapro
            Here is the direct link to that thread.
            I'd like to ask Greg about swatting as mentioned in the drill. If the upand down cocking of the right wrist is the only movement that is critical how then can we position the clubhead in a square position at impact without some "side to side"movement of the wrist to bring the club around to square? Also I'm just starting to use the drill but find that I pull some shots and also hit fat. I'd appreciate some clarification. Thank you for your continuing advice, I really enjoy them.


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              I'd like to bump this up to the top. I have the same question. I've been trying the drill, but it doesn't seem to help me, so I am wondering if maybe I am reading it wrong. Thanks.


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                "...In the down swing, use the turning of the hips and shoulders (in that order) to begin the rotation that causes the club to move through the impact zone. ..."

                This rotation prior to impact is what squares the club.


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                  Go Low. Thanks for your detailed lesson. I have been an arm swinger for too many years but have been taking lessons lately and working hard to better my game. However, I am still having problems with overactive hands and arms which rob me of all power although I hit the ball fairly straight.

                  I worked on your drill yesterday just with chip shots in my back yard (It's still warm here in Florida) and could not get my hands and arms out of the shot until I relaxed my grip to the point where I felt if I let off any more the club would fly out of my hands. It took me 10 or 12 swings until I would stop clutching at the club as the downswing began and after that it felt that I was getting much more power into the shots. I had to go into my neighbors yard to get a couple of balls over the fence but oh well.

                  My question is, do you and other low handicap golfers hold their club like I described? I don't want to say loosely because it wasn't loosey goosey if you know what I mean but with just enough pressure to make sure the club doesn't fly.

                  Responses from any of you pros or low handicappers would be appreciated. I hope to get to the range tomorrow afternoon and try this with my 6 iron at least.


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                    On a scale of 1-10, 1 being when you hold the club at address, someone can start to pull it out of your hands, and 10 being blood starts to trickle down the shaft from your fingernails digging into you hands...then you want it to be a 2.


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                      Hands and arms loose

                      I've seen Jack Nicklaus play a number of times and I always noticed how at address he is keeping his hands and arms very loose and soft. I try to do this and it helps among other things to allow my hands to set at the top of the swing-its a power move because without setting the hands(you cannot do this if your hands and arms are tense) you get nothing. Loose muscles fire quicker therefore loose hands and arms fire through the impact zone. Tense hands and arms can't do this.
                      Hope this helps.


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                        I agree with Greg, a 2. I did a test a few years ago about grip presure during the golf swing. During different parts of the swing the hands will tighten and loosen as needed to control the shot. The trick was to start soft in the hands. The takeaway the heel of the left hand and middle finger of the right during the take away and wrist cock. At the top, the thumb of the right hand and the last 2 fingers of the right hand, thumb and index finger of he left. On the through swing, as the swing nears impact the club presses into the hands like a body moving back in the seat of a sports car while accelerating fast. After impact the pressure decreases.

                        Probably more that you wanted to know,



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                          Thanks Greg and Golfbald. my grip pressure is probably a 6 or 7 on that scale. Knuckles are not quite white but getting there.

                          This is quite a different feeling to use a 2 but I'll work on it. It sure seemed to make a difference on my little pitch shots.

                          It's interesting that things I do every day with my hands I usually use a very soft grip, driving a car for example, but when that golf club comes into my hands I just want to choke it to death.


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                            Thanks to all for the comments. I can do all the drills slowly, and I can see how the clubface ends up at impact. The problem for me is getting all this to happen in 3 seconds. I know my problem is that I am all hands. I have a hard time getting my hips to move on the downswing before everything else.

                            One more thing about the right hand drill/takeaway --

                            The club shaft is pointing up in the air and the left arm is parallel to the ground. Your right wrist is still in this locked "right" position.
                            At this point, is the left arm parallel with the target line?


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                              Re: right hand drill

                              I'm new to the forum. Can someone direct me to Greg's right hand drill?