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    I need help!!

    I am a low 80 - high 70s hitter, but I am lucky to hit 9 fairways a round. My main problem is I have an inconsistant drive, at times I have a lovely sice which I compensate for and that usually works, however, at time I hit straight and I go hard along the left fairway! I never know if I am going to hit straight or have a slight slice, this is getting extremely frustrating for my approach shots are great and I could easily lower my score if my drives cod become more accurate and constant! Do you think it would be best to see a pro and tape my swing and see where I am going wrong or right?


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    In regards to taping your swing, sometimes it can be ebenficial sometimes it cannot. The problem with taping your swing is that the teching professional, and the student(you) get caught up in the correct positions that you should be in (when I say this they love to tallk about shaft angles, swing plane, path, and aclubface angles reletive to yuor target) The reason you r drives are inconsistent is timing. Your upper body is opening much too soon. When I say opening up, I am saying that your upper body is accelerating before your lower body. The start of the downswing is a lateral shift and turing of the left side. Go to the practice facility, and focus on shifting your weight to your left side, and letting your arms drop , when doing this feel your arms and hands rotate through impact. If you are doing this correctly you will start to draw the ball.

    If you rally want to shoot lower scores go practice your short game 70% of time and only spend 30% on the full swing. 70% of the strokes that you accumulate are inside 100 yards

    Try it out

    Jordan Scerbo Teaching Professional