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shaft or driver?

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  • shaft or driver?

    Just got the new Cleveland Launcher 9.0 DST with the Diamana 44 shaft stiff. My old driver was the Launcher 10.5 with Adilila NV-65 stiff. The problem I have is I cant keep the new one straight, it will fly straight with my old one but my new one will always fade hard right at the end. What could the problem be, the shaft? I thought this new lightweight shaft was supposed be awesome. Could it be the 9.0 degree loft? when I hit it solid it seems to launch high and feels good, but I literally cant hit even one straight. Switch to the old one straight as a arrow.

    Could it be a faulty shaft? I know this new shaft is supposed to be low-mid launch, where as the old one is mid-high launch. Could this be the problem? how about this 47 gram shaft, to light perhaps? any help or advice would be awesome. I am a 7 handicap and am pretty good at diagnosing my swing and do swing it consistently far (285-310 yards). It got to be something with the club, thank you

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    Re: shaft or driver?

    Assuming the lofts are true lofts, you could be seeing enough reduction in spin that the added loft of the old club is helping you out.

    It could be that with the lighter shaft (and assumed longer length) that your path has crept more outside.