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  • Distance and Shaft

    Hello. I have tried to be brief. This post combines two topics, distance and equipment.

    Swing speed measured at Golfsmith is 93-95 mph

    Bought driver at church rummage sale, 11 old Big Bertha with a Pro Lite regular flex.

    Last year’s drives were 240-248
    This year’s driver 240-265. Topped out at about 270 with roll.

    I am doing this with an old dated club whose shaft is about 1” less than normal.

    I was using a Harrison Mugen Stiff that I bought online from Rock Bottom Golf and a 9.5 head.
    (The shaft snapped at the hosel and according to Harrision was a knock off)

    I was still stuck around 240+ - yards.

    I am thinking about buying a new head and shaft. What degree head. And what flex and bend point for a shaft.

    I believe that I can begin driving 275 regularly with decent control. My goal is 300 yards.
    I work out focusing on strength and flexibility.

    I am 57 years old, 6ft 1 190 lbs.

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    Re: Distance and Shaft

    If you got 240-248 with the old Big Bertha, then you should get at least 20 more yards with a Taylormade Burner (07 or later). Try the 10.5 degree head with a stiff shaft. The Pro Lite is still a good shaft. The ProForce V2 is a better shaft. Good luck !


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      Re: Distance and Shaft

      I am seeing more and more people giving there old drivers a full face lift. Back to bare metal re-powder coating and upgraded shaft. There's just something about this club that I really like, it fits me like a good shoe they say. It may even cost them more than a new driver but in the long run they say it saves them going through the gamut of wasting money on clubs that "just don't feel right".