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  • Swing problems

    Hello folks,

    Am new here so go easy on me lol....I am a 10 handicap and have been hitting the ball fairly ok and have picked up 4 prizes at my club this season (1st and 3x 3rd positions). I am aware that I am overswing with the driver and fairway woods but seem to be hitting it ok....

    My point is.....would you try to change / shorten driver swing or should I just go with "my" swing...eventhough it looks "wrong"? My local pro advised me to try to keep right knee pointing at the ball on the backswing to restrict my turn....but I seem to hit it better when I go back to my "own" way...

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    Re: Swing problems

    My hypothesis is that you will try and change it anyway - get frustrated at the results - seek elsewhere for more advice - seek to find it out yourself- still get frustrated.

    By that time you will either give up the hope of finding this elusive perfect swing and go back to what you did best. Or, like most players, get stuck down the rabbit hole of technique spiralling into oblivion of medium golf at best.

    The best players in the world have let their body find the way to swing for them. Sure they tinker and refine it, but most great players have just let their body work it out themselves whilst the golfer focuses on BALL CONTROL. Do yourself a favour and have a look at the best playeers throughout history. Some of them are much longer than you are, some of them are much shorter. Some have neat looking backswings, some have wild ones (like furyk, sabbatini, rickie fowler etc, monty, and mmany more). But they all CONTROL THE BALL - which is a skill.

    I would work on impact back with a good coach. See how ur swing pans out. But to change the lenght of your swing directly is stupid in my opinion. If you work on something at impact -like hammer and nail - and the swing happens to get shorter as a result of that then fine. But this is an indirect change mediated through a change in the impact focus which is the correct way to go.

    All great players swings are borne out of the way the player strikes the ball and it flies through the air - leadbetter