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Completing your swing

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  • Completing your swing

    Being the lightest club, it is more difficult to determine whether you have completed your backswing. Although it may feel like you have, if your distance and accuracy are suffering, you probably are not finishing before transitioning. This stopping short of a full swing has caused the majority of problems in the use of that club. Many ASSUME that since they are completing their swing(or mostly finishing) with irons, the driver is the same. This may be a fallacy since it is much harder to feel the driver finishing the backswing due to its lightness and length.
    One thing I do is take practice swings and try to see the driver at the top of the swing out of the corner of my left eye(for righthanders). If I can't see the head of my driver at the top of my swing while keeping my head still, I probably need to allow more time to finish the swing at the top.
    One doesn't have to swing hard with driver, just complete the darn backswing and the rest happens easily by just dropping the right elbow down and past the right hip into impact.
    One last thing, with these 460cc. driver heads, most folks don't tee it high enough, remember, driver is meant to be hit on the upswing, if the ball isn't teed high enough, it is very hard to hit it with a positive angle of impact and for sure, it will be impossible to hit the ball high enough on the face to eliminate excessive spin.

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    Spot On

    Thanks for the post Keiko, great advice!