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Brian's advice re: arms

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  • Brian's advice re: arms

    Just wanted to pick up on one of Brian's posts; this is regarding the distance between arms particularily forearms at impact. He posted to keep them close; one of the things we do sometimes which results in terrible shots is called a "chicken wing" where at impact, the right arm may be fairly straight but the left arm(for right handers) is bent and sticking out. This is a power loss source. It results from one pulling across one's body instead of allowing the club to whip down, through and out. I like an inside to outside pre, impact, and post impact which produces a fully powered shot that usually results in a nice draw from right to left. A draw is mostly a preferred shot because it cuts through the air more and when it hits the ground, it runs more than other shots.
    If one were to hit a normal fade, it will run but it tends to land softer so not as far.
    The draw used to be called a strong shot because of what I said above and most all the old time pro's liked hitting draws, one exception was Nicklaus who liked the power fade. The power fade goes out high and lays over; when it hits the ground it will run strongly but still not quite like a draw will.
    Anyway, back to Brian's advice, don't overlook that short post of his, very important as we get further along beyond the fundamentals. At impact, the right knee is driving forward and the forearms are almost touching; that's generating some awesome power.

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    Love that first paragraph Keiko ... really well explained. This is something that I have worked on personally with great success. It's a better feeling shot to me and just feels more comfortable and of course has resulted in much better contact at impact.



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      Re: Brian's advice re: arms

      I too would advocate having the arms close together through impact, but I would have it come as a result of a full extension of the arms after impact. Focusing on letting the arms fully extend and the wrists fully uncock after impact has done wonders for the quality of impact and accuracy, and keeps me down through the shot until well after the ball has gone.

      Paul Wilson (the swing machine golf guy) gives a nice explanation of this technique on youtube (sorry I'm not embedding savvy).

      Naturally you still have to set up, coil and uncoil properly, but that's a whole other can of worms.

      Cheers, GB


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        Re: Brian's advice re: arms

        It's always good to hear posts about fades and draws although I mostly work on shots that are fairly straight...