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  • Lunging problem...

    Guys on my driver and irons I have a lunging problem because on the driver I can see where the ball is hitting the hosel of the driver...? I also seem to be struggling with the correct swing path which really sucks, becauses I hit the ball so solid but on the wrong path.... What can I do to stop lunging at the ball?

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    Re: Lunging problem...

    By keeping your spine angle constant. It can be deceiving when you think you are staying still over the ball, but when you look at it from a camera's behind angle, your head raises up on the takeaway, so then you HAVE to drop it back down into impact. How much you decide to drop it back down is now a matter of how good you are at repeating.

    So the solution is to keep a steady lower body (back leg flex) and your spine's angle (the amount of angle from your waist to the neck) It's a different feeling swing when you are able to keep these still...backward thinking for those that are trying to generate (what you would think) maximum energy into the think you want more of your body into shot, so you lunge everything you got...more mass moving toward the ball and target the better right?

    Unfortunately, the more control you have in these points, the more accurate you are going to be, so the power comes from the simple idea of a rotational whip...starting with the legs, hips, torso, shoulders, arms then hands. Each doing their bit to add to the previous elements action. Proper sequencing and balance generate all the power your need.

    Start by removing the idea of "lunging power" and replace it with "balanced sequencing". This takes the swing into a smoothly controlled state that has a feel of "relaxation".
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      Re: Lunging problem...

      I often have that problem too. One of my instructor gave me a great advice, apparently it is all due to rhythm & tempo. Trying to hit the ball using a baseball techinique & mentality is what cause lunging. The instructor told me to recite the words "smooth" on my upswing & "followthrough" on my downswing till finish. Amazingly it works because I have just swing the club on a constant & smooth swing plane; arms, hands & club in unison spinning around my body instead of trying to take the club & try to wack it like a bat.