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hooking my shots

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  • hooking my shots

    can somebody tell me why i keep hooking my driver shots. it is really anoying me and i cant have a relaxing game of golf as it gets to me and puts me down.


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    Re: hooking my shots

    A general question and a general response:

    * Your face angle is closed at impact.
    You can diagnose this if your ball is very low, and you see it curving/hooking hard.

    * You are swinging on a too far inside-out path with a square face.
    You will know this if your ball is relatively the normal hight, but you see it start out to the right of your target, but then it hooks back left of the target. (Right handers)

    * Combination of the 2 will be a very low flight, that goes straight at the target for a short while, then hook.


    * Check your shaft flex. A flex that is too weak for your swing speed will cause the "face angle closed" issue.

    * To far "inside-out" path is easy to solve. Work on getting just your shoulders to take the club back in your first move to about hip hight. Most insiders will use their arms and hands first and that can cause the reroute back into impact being very inside.

    * Hands are flipping the face shut into impact. Try my "Right Hand Drill" to help there.
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